Saint Mary Boosters of Alexandria, KY

Sports Participation Fee

The Boosters are responsible for the organization of registration fees, uniforms, equipment, scheduling, etc. for the Saint Mary athletic programs. To offset the ever-rising cost of running each of the athletic programs throughout the year, the Boosters collect a $50 participation fee for each student-athlete wishing to participate a sport affiliated with Saint Mary School. Regardless of the number of sports your child plays, the participation fee is $50/student-athlete. This fee does not apply to children playing U6 soccer.

How do I pay this fee?

1) Payments are accept thru our online payment portal.

If you have multiple children, please increase the quantity at the bottom of the page and include the children’s name in Additional name of player.

2) Checks can be made payable to Saint Mary Boosters and return with your child(ren) to school or P.O. Box 42 – Alexandria, KY.  Please include a note with name(s) of your child(ren).

When is this fee due?

**** Due to COVID-19 – Athletic fee will be charged as soon as we are sure Saint Mary’s Booster’s can host athletic events.  Information will be emailed when Participation Fees will start being collected per sport.  

Will I have to pay $50 for each sport that my child plays?

No.  Regardless of the number of sports your child plays, the cost is a total of $50/student-athlete.

I already paid to register my child for Campbell County Youth (Campbell County North) soccer. Does this fee still apply?

Yes.  The participation fee pays for Saint Mary jerseys, field maintenance, tournament fees, etc.

What grade levels & sports are required to pay this fee?

1st-8th Basketball, U8-U14 Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Dance, Cheerleading and Golf. This fee does not apply to children playing U6 soccer.

Does this fee affect how much/little my child plays?

Only if the fee is not received.  This is a “participation fee” is not a “pay-to-play” fee.  The participation fee has no bearing on which teams student-athletes are assigned, playing time, or other coaching decisions.

How does this compare to other schools?

Other schools do charge a similar fee.  Some charge a flat fee, like we do, and some charge a certain amount per sport.  Here’s a comparison of examples:

Basketball + Cross Country:

  • Saint Mary = $50 total
  • Other schools = $75 total

Soccer + Cheer:

  • Saint Mary = $50 total
  • Other schools = $50 total