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U8-U14 Program:  Greg Guidugli (

U6 Program:  Doug Wells (

Saint Mary Boosters President: Tony Webb (

Campbell County Youth Soccer League: Registration, schedules and more


Saint Mary offers/supports soccer for girls and boys U6-U14.  The U8-U14 programs are managed by Campbell County Youth Soccer League, however, the U6 program became available at Saint Mary for the first time in 2016.  

The U8-U14 Recreational Program provides a low-cost option for kids to play soccer on a community-based team with their peers.  Game scores are not recorded, no league standings are kept, and equal playing time is required.  Teams generally have kids with a wide range of skills — it is not uncommon for teams to include players who are playing soccer for the first time, as well as players who also play on competitive “select” teams.

U6 Recreational Program (learn more)

After several years with the Campbell County North soccer league, St. Mary School decided to form its own U6 soccer program in 2016. We welcome P3, P4 and Kindergartners from St. Mary School and St. Mary siblings of those ages to our program. Our program groups preschool students in one league and kindergarten students in another. The St. Mary U6 soccer program will enable our children to grow in respect, understanding, and compassion for others, while providing a fun, learning environment to play soccer. In addition, we have an opportunity to build our community, through new parent coaches and a family atmosphere with friends. In order to minimize travel and maximize our time, all games will be played on St. Mary soccer fields on Sundays at 1:00pm.  If you would like more information about this program, please contact Abbie Ochcner:

Some U8-U14 teams will be utilizing the functions of TeamSnap this year. The app can be used for rosters, schedules, notifications, team chat, etc. The app is available for download on the following:


Teams are formed according to rules that CCNSC has adopted that comply with KYSA guidelines.  To group kids by geographic locations, CCNSC has adopted sub-groups that align with local elementary and middle schools. Beginning this fall, teams will be formed based on the player’s age as of December 31st. US Soccer has switched to a calendar year model, versus the “old” cut-off date which was July 31st.  U8-U14 teams will be formed somtime in July, and the U8-U14 head coaches will not get their rosters until sometime in early to mid August.

Rules, Guidelines, Equipment, etc.

All rules, guidelines, equipment can be found here.

Game Duration/Minimum Players/Ball Size

Age Level Players Game Time Soccer
Ball Size
U8 6 vs. 6 (4) 12:00 3
U10 6 vs. 6 (2) 25:00 4
U12 9 vs. 9 (2) 30:00 4
U14 11 vs. 11 (2) 35:00 5


U8-U14 Schedules (when available) can be found here.

U14 Games are played with other local recreational soccer Clubs. Home games will be played at the FTSP and PP fields. Away games are generally played at fields in northern Kentucky with 30 to 40 minutes. Additional information can be found on the NKSL website:
*Away field directions can be found at:

U8, U10 and U12 games are all played “in-house” between CCNSC teams.  Games are generally played on Saturdays at the CCNSC fields on Williams Lane off Route 8 in Melbourne, KY either at the Fort Thomas Soccer Park (FTSP) or Pendery Park (PP) fields. See a map of Game Fields.  Make-up games are generally played during weeknights at these same fields.

**Tower Park Reminder: NO chairs, strollers, bikes, or food is allowed on the field or track area.  Water only.

U6 games will take place AT SAINT MARY SOCCER FIELDS, if your child is part of the Saint Mary U6 program.

CCNSC Rainout Hotline

Call 859-572-2859 for a listen-only update message.

Your coach should reach out to you via email, text message, or whatever method decided upon.

– U8-U14: $60/player, paid to Campbell County Youth Soccer League + $50 sports participation fee to Boosters

– U6: $30/player (forms sent via email and possibly home with children from school)

*All Saint Mary student athletes (except for U6 soccer athletes) are required to pay the $50 Sports Participation fee.  This is a one-time fee per school year to participate in any Saint Mary sponsored sport.  Regardless of how many sports your student athlete plays, there is only one $50 Sports Participation fee.  This is collected at the beginning of the school year and helps pay for the ever-increasing league fees, unforms, etc. for all sports.


A $50 deposit will be collected per uniform.  Checks will be returned at the end of the season once uniforms are collected. Checks should be made out to St. Mary Boosters.

– U8-U10 uniforms are purchased, distributed and collected by Saint Mary Boosters.  Players will receive a Saints soccer jersey, so check with your coach on shorts (color, etc.) Coaches will distribute uniforms prior to the first game and collect the $50 deposit checks.

– U12 & U14 uniforms are also purchased, distributed and collected by Saint Mary Boosters.  Players will receive a Saints soccer jersey and matching shorts.  Coaches will distribute uniforms prior to the first game and collect the $50 deposit checks.

– U6 uniforms will be distributed by coaches, once teams are formed.


U8-U14 Program: Greg Guidugli (

U6 Program:  Abbie Ochsner (

Saint Mary Boosters President: Tony Webb (

Campbell County Youth Soccer League: Registration, schedules and more