Saint Mary Boosters of Alexandria, KY

Basketball Information


The basketball coaching staff at Saint Mary’s is committed to promote Christian values and must always keep the highest standards. The basketball program at Saint Mary’s exists to enhance the development of both life and sports skills and teamwork. We recognize that the coaching staff is very significant in the social and physical development of our children and strive to provide a positive experience for all children who participate. Winning is encouraged but should never be above sportsmanship and teaching skills necessary to promote a healthy Christian life. The following are guidelines that the Saint Mary’s Boosters have developed to support that policy.

We support teams from K-8 for boys and girls.  The 3rd and 4th grade boys leagues are both hosted at our school, as is the in-house K-1 co-ed league (starts in January).

Please take a look at the basketball guidelines to familiarize yourself with what is expected of students, coaches and parents.



Each coach has selected a practice time and gym.  Players are expected to arrive early to practice, but no more than 15 minutes.  It is up to each coach as to whether parents/guardians are permitted to stay or simply drop off.  At least 2 Virtus-trained adults will be present for each practice or practice will not occur.  Parents who are Virtus-trained may be asked to remain in the gym if a coach is running late.

Gym Calendar


Game Schedules:

Schedules should have been shared by all coaches.  If you did not receive one, please contact your coach.

Some coaches will be utilizing the functions of TeamSnap this year. The app can be used for rosters, schedules, notifications, team chat, etc. The app is available for download on the following:

Campbell County Junior League

This site provides information regarding the 3rd-6th grade boys leagues.  You’ll find information such as:  schedules, waivers, rules, handbook and more.